5 Ways to Minimize in your Bedroom!

If you are anything like me or like the hundreds of people out there, you probably have things in your bedroom that you can't quite get rid of. Everyone has it! In my last post, I mentioned a great place to start decluttering and minimizing in your bedroom. This post will continue with that concept. Here are 5 things in your bedroom that you should get rid of today!

Worn out socks

We ALL have them. Old socks we hold on to even though they have holes or are worn at the heel... go through them and TOSS THEM. Seriously, you probably own many socks and chances are you won't wear them again.

Old or unused undergarments

This goes for both women AND men. Everyone owns old undergarments that are sitting in their drawer. If it is stretched out, worn out, has holes, stained, uncomfortable... you know it when you see it. TOSS! 


Go through your closet and all your drawers and take everything out. EVERYTHING, really, and try it on. Do you still love or even like that article of clothing? Does it fit? Is it in style, or most importantly, does it fit your personal style? Chances are if you have clothes in your closet that you haven't worn in over a year, you probably won't wear it again. There are many reasons for it, but usually, it is because it no longer fits or it doesn't fit your personal style. Don't hold on to it. Put it in a box and donate it to your local second-hand store. 


Just like clothes, we all have shoes we do not wear for many reasons. Any shoes that are worn out, have holes, or uncomfortable, get rid of them. Donate anything that is still in wearable condition. 

Again, more chances than not, you probably have accessories that you are no longer wearing. Whether it is jewelry, belts, scarves, handbags, sunglasses, etc. narrow down the pieces you wear most often and are most versatile and keep those. Donate the rest. 

These are five easy ways to minimize in your bedroom. Do not spend too much time or null over it.  Additionally, anything you decide to donate, put it in a box and take it immediately. That way it is completely out of your home. Not only will this save you time getting dress, but it will make your room feel cleaner and neat. As always, subscribe to my blog and leave me any comments below.

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  1. Great ideas. Every time I catch socks with holes or that are stretch out, I discard them right up. I have to look into my shoes. Those can really take up a lot of real estate in your closet.

    1. You’d be surprised at the things we keep that we no longer need! I went through my closet and donated lots of clothes and shoes!

  2. WOW! I have all of these. It's like you sneaked a peak in my bedroom.


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