How Minimalism can Benefit your Lifestyle

I think people generally have the misconception that minimalism is all about cutting back and reducing the quality of their lifestyle and jumping into a tiny living, but that is not at all true. The ultimate goal of the minimalist IS to live with fewer possessions, but that doesn't necessarily mean the quality of your lifestyle should change. Once you have embraced the minimalist mindset, it is easy, sometimes too easy, to say NO to things you do not need. I knew that my minimalist mindset was becoming stronger the day I walked into Target, walked around the entire store, and left with absolutely nothing in hand. This may not sound like a huge accomplishment, but it is for me. Target was my arch nemesis; anytime I walked in there, even for paper towels, I'd walk out spending AT LEAST $80-100. This is known to be true to a lot of people, but I simply wasn't interested in any of those things, they didn't make me happy. But back to lifestyle quality, I would argue that minimalism increases the quality of a persons lifestyle, and here are some of the benefits:

Quality vs. Quantity

By taking the time and effort to thoroughly research a product and determine its quality, you will end up saving in the end. I rather purchase a product that is of excellent quality and appealing to my values (natural/organic/vegan/ cruelty-free/biodegradable/recyclable, etc.) that is slightly more costly than something that is cheaply made, damaging to the environment, and will need replacing shortly. Hence, not only are you saving in the long run, but you have an item that is of quality that will last you much longer than the cheap alternative.

Freedom/Fewer Distractions

By not having an array of things, your mind will be less distracted, which consequently gives you more freedom to pursue the things you LOVE to do. Less is more is the mindset of the minimalist, which can be applied to every aspect of your life, not just physical possessions. It can mean prioritizing your life, fewer commitments, or mental clarity (letting go of the past). All of which leads to a less stressful and anxious life. Since I suffer from anxiety, minimalism really helps alleviate some of it.


Not saying that if you are not a minimalist, you do not have a purpose in life, that is completely false. But by minimizing you can live a more purposeful or intentional life. You will not be in silent competition with your friends and family. You will not need/want the newest, trendiest gadgets or accessories/clothing. Minimalist generally replaces their loved possessions once they are no longer useful. You can use your time (and money) more purposefully with experiences, improve relationships with loved ones or family (instead of being in competition with them), gain knowledge and perspective, and make new memories. THINGS DO NOT RULE US!

Self Confidence

Your self-confidence level will increase because you will start feeling good about your new found purpose! You will have the chance to explore hobbies, practice your talents, and experience life which will add to your self-confidence. Releasing yourself from the societal pressures of consumerism will make you feel great.

These are ways embracing the minimalist lifestyle has benefitted me. I love the feeling I get when I know I am living the lifestyle I choose. It feels very freeing. I think it is important for anyone considering a minimalist lifestyle to know that there is no right or wrong way to approach minimalism and that it is a gradual process. Take it slow, test the waters, see if this is right for you. You have to do what feels right for you, what makes you and your family happy and comfortable. Leave me comments below, have you considered minimalism? Any suggestions on what works for you and your lifestyle? I'd love to hear from you! As always don't forget to subscribe and follow my blog!

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