My Minimalist Goals

Since becoming a minimalist is still new for me, I decided I want to challenge myself with setting 3 attainable goals for 2018. They may not seem like anything extraordinary, but I want to make sure I can actually achieve them so I can continue to challenge myself afterward. If you are not a goal setter, that is fine. I am, therefore every year I like to set short-term goals to get closer to my future long-term goals. They are like little works for me. This year, three of my goals will include embracing my minimalist lifestyle and challenging myself.

Be More Intentional

Reconsidering how I spend my money. This year, I plan to only buy what I need versus what I want. Buying only what is necessary is a huge part of the minimalist lifestyle. This includes buying quality versus quantity, meaning spending a little more on a quality item versus spending less on lesser quality and having to repurchase when that item doesn't last. Researching before purchasing is a practice I've been doing for a while and will continue it this year. By being more intentional, I will be able to save and use my hard earned money on experiences instead of physical things.

Environmentally Friendly

Becoming more environmentally friendly is becoming a priority for me. A few years ago I was introduced to a video by Bea Johnson about a zero-waste home. While I know that it will take years for me to achieve what she has, I have wanted to embrace more of a zero waste lifestyle, and this year I will divulge into that. I have already taken some steps towards this goal which I will write about in a future post, but if you are interested, a great place to start is by banning plastic bags! 

Create a Capsule Wardrobe

If you are not familiar with what a capsule wardrobe is, it is essentially a mini wardrobe complied with classic, versatile pieces that you absolutely LOVE. The idea is to only own quality pieces of clothing that reflect your personal style and can be mixed and matched to create different outfits. Many people are taking on the 333 challenge, which is wearing only 33 pieces of clothing over 3 months. Of course, it is not literally only 33 pieces, but more like 33 articles (so like a couple pairs of jeans or sweaters count as one) and undergarments and socks do not count. I will first create my capsule wardrobe, starting with the pieces I already own and love, gradually adding to it throughout the year.  Then perhaps take on the 333 challenge! 

Overall, I am not giving myself a deadline for these goals because it is more of a lifestyle and mindset change. This is something I plan on embracing going forward. Becoming a minimalist is an ongoing process, and as I said before, there is no set definition. Do you have any goals for this year? Please share in the comments below! As always, remember to subscribe and follow my blog! 

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