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Last week I had the wonderful opportunity to declutter my 6-year-old daughter's bedroom. Convincing kids to let go of their possessions is not an easy task, let me tell you. When it comes to kids, it is hard negotiating what they should keep or donate because in their eyes, it's all being used and it is all their "favorite." When I started talking to my daughters about decluttering, I started months in advance. Each month I go through their room and their toys, and we decide together, what should stay or go. This way they feel like they have control over their things. Whatever we choose to keep, I tell him they have 3 months to show me they actually use these things and it is up to me to watch how and when they use their stuff. This is especially true when kids are in a phase of collecting toys such as Shopkins, Nom Noms, Squishies, My Little Pony, Littlest Pet get the idea. 

An excellent example is when my girls were into Shopkins a couple years back, and now they do not play with them anymore. I asked them, is it worth keeping or do you think it is time to move on since you are no longer collecting nor playing with them?  If they decide to keep them, then I give them the three months to show me they actually play with them. I continue to ask them about those toys they want to keep but never play with. I believe it is essential to show them that letting go is not a bad thing. When they want new toys or stuff, I tell them they must make room for it by donating stuff they no longer use. This is particularly hard for my older daughter that is 10 and has a hard time letting go of things, even though she doesn't use them. 

Another way I make my kids contribute to our household chores is by holding them accountable for their messes. My girls are responsible for cleaning their room, putting away their things, making their beds and sweeping the floors in their room. Additionally, they help me clean by dusting, wiping surfaces, and swiffering the house. On occasion, they wash their dishes (although it takes a lot of pressure). I would like to add more chores to their list of home contributions. 

Do you have any suggestions on how to get kids to let go or contribute more to the house? Please share in the comments below! As always, please follow and subscribe to my blog!

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